Conférence "Inherent and apparent optical properties of marine waters and their link to biogeochemistry"

14 Mai 2019 – de 11h à 12h
Amphithéâtre Y1.008
Campus de La Garde

Conférence organisée par le laboratoire M.I.O de Piotr Kowalczuk, chercheur à Institute Oceanology Polish Academy Sciences (IOPAN).

Piotr Kowalczuck is a researcher at the Institute Oceanology Polish Academy Sciences (IOPAN) working on several biogeochemistry fields : Characterization of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter - CDOM by using spectrophotometric and spectro-fluorometric Excitation-Emission Matrix techniques to quantify the change of CDOM absorption in the UV-VIS light spectrum and 3D fluorescence spectra, Analysis of qualitative and quantitative influence of optically active components of the sea water on the structure of underwater light field in respect of their retrieval algorithms, Use of remote sensing data in process studies and environmental monitoring of semi-enclosed seas.

He done many research cruises on the Baltic Sea, and an Arctic Expedition (July-August 1992). He was involved in two European Union MAST III Programmes BIOCOLOR and PROVES. Currently, he is working as Associate Research Scientist for Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington